A happy four years of blogging to us!

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A few days back, I received a message from WordPress wishing me a Happy Anniversary for completing 4 years of blogging. I thank you all for subscribing, commenting and appreciating my blogs. I must mention those who have always commented, shared my blogs and encouraged me all this while!

Dirk Schweitzer, a good friend and mentor, and a Senior Process Chemist at Metabolix. Dirk has given a TEDx talk, how cool is that! He is a German native and a chemist by training. He is working on establishing a green economy by replacing oil-based products with sugar-based products. In TEDx presentation, he introduces his hobby — the application of private DNA testing to learn about a person’s health, ethnicity, direct male/female ancestry, and to identify close relatives. He doesn’t blog but he and I have our own hangout place on the internet that he has created for all of us. Its called Kolberg Art & Science Club, and the Green Chemistry Community, among other things that my talented friend builds in his free time.

Bikramjit, a blogger from UK concerned about the environment, and often shares his honest views on my blog posts. You can find him writing on his blog ‘Me and My Random Thoughts‘.

Steve, who writes on his blog ‘Blog Blogger Bloggest‘. You should read his blogs, they are so refreshing and fun to read.

Dr. Anthony, who posts information on new pharmaceuticals on his blog ‘New Drug Approvals‘. Co-incidentally, he and I share the same place of study, Institute of Chemical Technology.

Then there are those who always let me know, if not through comments, but whenever we talk, or when they read my blogs and they tell me what they think about the writings. These my family, friends, classmates, and people I meet on the internet. Thanks to you all!

Therefore, it’s a happy anniversary to us!



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