Greenhouse Built Around A Home Is A Brilliant Way To Beat The Winter Blues

Image Source: EcoWatch

Hey guys, sharing this post by Emilio Cogliani. I was so impressed I had to reblog it. Hats off to Bengt Warne and kudos to Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto. They’ve built a greenhouse around their house! A house inside a greenhouse or a greenhouse with a house? Haha. This is simply amazing! Collects rainwater too? Wow. This astounds me at so many levels. I would do this if I moved into a colder region. All I would need is an hour of the sun, for starters. No more weather blues for these people. A greenhouse in a bigger greenhouse, you know what I mean? Below is the post.

Emilio Cogliani

Do you dream of eternal spring? Here is something that will make a smile bloom on your face.

Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto of Stockholm built a greenhouse around their home to keep it warm all year round.

?It?s like a bubble,? Granmar says in the video above,by Kirsten Dirksen,of her home in which she?s able to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and figs even in the frigid Nordic winter.

According to The Weather Channel, the average temperature in Sweden in January spans between 23 to 31 degrees Fahrenheit. But Sacilotto says with just one hour of sunlight, her family can enjoy playing on their glass-covered rooftop deck, which is literally located on their old roof that was removed and made into a sunlit living area with lounging chairs.

?At the end of January it can be -2 degrees Celsius [28 F] outside and it can be 15 to 20 degrees…

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