Brightening Your Day, One Bottle at a Time

Through the Looking Glass

Science has always given the world a plethora of innovations that are life saving and life changing.  However, there is a significant portion of the world’s population that simply can’t reap the benefits of these creations.  Unfortunately, many of the new medicines, diagnostics, and even electricity are not available to everyone.  Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have kept the financial and resource limitations of many populations in mind when performing research on innovative, cheap, and resourceful technology.  Keeping the needs and means of these groups in mind, their research has produced the “Solar Bottle Bulb”.

Many households don’t have access to electricity and those that do, simply can’t afford to use it for long periods of time.  Furthermore, many households are clothed in darkness, even during the day due to lack of windows or access to sunlight, making working indoors particularly difficult. Although a simple idea, the solar…

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