Going green with the shirt on my back…

This is called the holistic approach. It is what we need I think.

A Ra News

One of the in-thing in chemical industries is to go in for Green Chemistry. All chemical factories worth its salt will be looking at factory effluent treatment, waste water treatment, electrostatic capacitors to clean the exhaust from the chimney, catalyst recovery and more. All this because the environment has to be protected and watching emission in any form is a must.

Green Chemistry is a bit different. The term green chemistry was coined by Paul Anastas in 1991. There are a dozen principles which govern the practice of green chemistry. The important one is to reinvent the chemical processes that ultimately produce less waste, less heat and less unwanted by products. The objective is to resort to that chemical equation that involves lesser constituent chemicals that are needed to produce the end product. In the 1960s ibuprofen was produced using a six stage process and of all the atoms used in the…

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