CO2: A friend or a foe?



Looks like CO2 is both, a friend and a foe.

The so-called anthropogenic CO2 seems to be greening the planet’s surface by aiding photosynthesis, according to a new research that calls this effect as the ‘CO2 fertilization effect’. This is just a theory, mind you. Trees seem to be using more of CO2 and less of water. But it is no so rosy yet. There is a downside to this, researchers point out. The water that these trees taken in is spit out in the form of moisture which is then carried downwind to the farms. So if trees use less water, that could ultimately mean less rain for thirsty crops in at least some regions of the world.

Nature correct’s itself eventually, I believe.

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(Image source: Stkarnick)

2 thoughts on “CO2: A friend or a foe?

    1. Hello Kim. I remember the time when I was ‘taught’ a subject called ‘Environmental Studies’ when I was say around 5th or 7th grade. I don’t remember anything about it except that we should plant trees. Let alone teaching the carbon cycle, which I think if one tries can be explained in a beautiful way to little graders. They made us write this stupid exam, which no student cared about. Fortunately, a lot is happening in terms of how things are taught to students now, it is far more interactive and informative. So, I think it is how these things are taught that can help make a change.


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