Keeping an open mind

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Granted that we cannot be an expert at everything, but as Seth Godin mentions in his blog, take a side. Nowhere in history has the world never been polarized. There are always two sides, black and white, head and tail, right and wrong, yin and yang, left and right.

“It’s pretty clear that there are forces on both sides, individuals and organizations that are working for open and those that seek to keep things closed instead.” – Seth Godin

Stay scared or stay curious

Ignorance is bliss for some. These are people who can be easily scared. The word is chemophobia stands fear of chemicals. But isn’t everything around you a chemical? Aren’t you, your body a set of chemicals?

Water can be toxic too

These are chemicals that interfere with our hormone system. It can create havoc, but any chemical other than this can do it if it crosses the lethal dose values. Take water poisoning for instance. To imagine water a toxic substance seems difficult. Lethal dose values are available in the literature for anyone in the form of something called as a ‘Material Safety Data Sheet‘ (MSDS), available on the internet, no dime required. Words, can educate some and scare some. Even onions have endocrine disruptors in them. I will touch on the subject of MSDS, later on in the category of ‘Industrial Safety’ and how to access any MSDS from a genuine source.

Global warming – a belief or a fact

It is safer to say that you don’t know if global warming is happening than to be blindly sure that it is happening because everyone says so. Who’s to blame? Ineffective communication? I do not pretend to be an expert. When we talk about global warming, it is more of a global phenomenon. There are many problems that are common to all parts of the world, but some of them need local care. Global warming is just a small part of the puzzle.

Is it really green?

Geography, it matters a lot when it comes to green technologies. When one thing works perfectly green in one part of the world, it is not necessary that it would do the same in the other part of the world. I mean, why would someone put up a windmill where there is insufficient wind? The needs are different and so ‘green’ is a relative word. Here are some interesting articles:

“I believe in an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.” – Arthur Hays Sulzberger.

Which side would you like yourself to be?

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